Drummers! Drummers!

By Wayne Curran


Recently I was chatting with a friend and colleague about a famous drummer. If I was to mention his name now, most of you (drummers) would be familiar with him and his work.

I commented about how good I thought he was. My friend, a very accomplished musician in his own right, rebuked me.

I was acknowledging the exceptional talent of the drummer in question as he can play fast, fancy and complicated stuff I can only dream of being able to play.

My friend went on to say how, in his opinion, he thinks this drummer sounds like a ‘construction site’. He went on to say that he might be able to do tricky stuff well, but that’s not his job. He won’t just play time.

So what is a good drummer? What makes a good drummer? I guess to answer these questions, we need to ask another question. What is the drummers job?

I consider myself a bit of a hack drummer since I have no formal training on drums, but there’s alot of us around. In saying that, I often receive comments on my drumming from other musicians I work with about how they enjoy performing with me. It’s think it’s …read more

Source: The 80’s Flashback

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